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Our latest piece of art at The Yards is a vibrant and colourful mural! We can’t wait for you all to see it once central London finally reopens.

Designed by London-based artist Rob Lowe aka Supermundane, this bold artwork aims to celebrate the power of creativity, making leading art and design supplier London Graphic Centre on Mercer Street the perfect location for this creative corner of The Yards.

We caught up with Supermundane to find out more about what influences his art and the inspiration for this piece…

Mesmeric visuals and geometric shapes

Rob Lowe aka Supermundane’s signature geometric drawings have become instantly recognisable within the contemporary design landscape.

Whether he’s designing a permanent mural for Leeds train station or making a site-specific installation for the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital, Rob’s work is always infused with his distinctive humour and hyper-colourful imagination. 

For this piece at The Yards, he was inspired by individual creativity and the interaction between viewer and artist. Rob told us:

The mural only comes to life with the interaction with a viewer; they take these simple elements and make them in to something more than the sum of its parts.”

mural hero shot

Creativity is in all of us

The hand-painted mural spans an impressive 180 sq. m across the wall and pavement area on Mercer Street. Central to the pastel-coloured artwork is the phrase ‘Creativity is in all of us’

This message was important for Rob to include within the artwork…

“Creativity is in all of us, it might be buried deep in some but it is there. It’s something we are all born with – to greater and lesser degrees – but as we get older we are told there are right and wrong ways to do things and many people lose confidence with making mistakes, which are essential in creativity. If we are not allowed to make mistakes we cannot be truly creative. Hopefully this mural will encourage people to take a brush, pen, pencil, or anything you can make a mark with, and go for it.” 

london graphic centre
london graphic centre

Bringing Covent Garden alive

The Yards holds a special place in Rob’s heart, as he used to work just around the corner in Covent Garden.

I would visit London Graphic Centre all the time. I have known the wall that the mural is on for many years and have seen the area slowly change. 25 years ago I couldn’t imagine my work being in Covent Garden so it is a very special feeling for this to happen.”


in progress mural
in progress mural

A message of hope and creativity

We’re all so excited for you to get back to The Yards and Rob hopes that this mural will bring hope and joy to all who see it.

“I hope that people who see it everyday will see different things in it over time. Since the designing of the mural the world has changed a lot and we been through a collective trauma, so I hope this will be seen as a colourful and positive message. We have all spent so long indoors and at home that our creative sides have become more important than ever in giving us a break from everything that is going on in the world or a way of expressing our feeling towards it.” 

Big shout out to Global Street Art for the amazing paint job and bringing Rob’s vision to life on the side of the London Graphic Centre store.

Visit London Graphic Centre at The Yards to see the Supermundane mural.

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